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Trimmer Vs. Shaver: Which Is Better for You?

Trimmer Vs. Shaver: Which Is Better for You?

When it comes to taming your facial hair, is it better to use a trimmer or shaver?

The truth is that only you can decide. Trimmers and shavers are designed to achieve different results and your desired look will ultimately determine which one you need.

The key to perfecting your facial hair lies in finding the best tool to help you along the way. Here’s everything you need to know to figure out which one is better for you.

Key Takeaways

  • 75% of men in America claim to feel most attractive and more confident with shaped facial hair
  • Trimmers are specifically designed to cut short, fine hairs whereas shavers excel in achieving a clean shave
  •  The better device for you depends on your hair type and desired end result

Being a well-groomed man is easy when you’re using the right tools. Regardless of your desired look, either a trimmer or shaver will help you get there.

Understanding Your Tool

About 75% of American men feel more confident with a beard. But the best looking beards require maintenance and a quality tool to keep it under control.

Everyone has their own opinion on the ideal appearance of facial hair. The tool you use to tame yours is ultimately going to determine how good it looks.

To achieve your desired look, you must first understand the difference between trimmers and shavers.


A trimmer, also known as a clipper, is specifically designed to cut (or trim) short and fine hairs with a comb-like head customizable to a desired length.

It’s no surprise that different textures of hair require different types of trimmers. Naturally, there are several kinds of trimmers categorized by the purpose and area they serve.


Hair trimmers are deemed as general-use trimmers. Although intended specifically for the head, many people use them on different areas of the body.

However, since the skin and hair texture on your head is different from that on the rest of your body, it’s best to stick to your scalp. Using hair trimmers on any other parts of the body can cause damage to both your hair and skin structure.


You guessed it! Beard trimmers are specifically designed to tame your facial hair. Whether you’re showing some subtle stubble or rocking a Viking beard, this one will do the trick.

Beard trimmers often have customizable settings to easily achieve desired shapes and trims. They’re also designed with various shapes, sizes and power sources to cater to different needs.


This type of trimmer, also referred to as personal trimmers, can be used on the ears, nose and eyebrows. Detail trimmers often come with attachments designed specifically for each area.

Since the hair and skin is extra sensitive in these areas, it’s important that you only use a trimmer designed specifically for details to avoid any damage.

Pros and Cons

Just like any device, trimmers have their pros and cons. Considering these characteristics and the end goal of your facial hair will help decide whether a trimmer is the right choice for you.

  • Ideal for styling
  • Effective for sensitive skin
  • Adjustable blade lengths
  • Self-sharpening blades
  • Not ideal for thick hair
  • Not designed to perform wet shaves
  • More likely to cause damage
  • Requires frequent maintenance
  • Not ideal for regular use


In every man’s life, there comes a day when he and his beard must part ways. If a clean shaven look is for you, so are shavers.

Shavers are designed to clear 100% of the hair on your face and head. Unlike trimmers, shavers are offered in both manual and electric models.


Manual shavers, also known as razors, do not require a power source to operate but do need a cream or gel for best results. Some types of manual shavers are:

  • Cartridge
  • Straight
  • Safety

Since these have manual blades, they are more likely to cause itching and scratches than electric razors.


Electric shavers changed the world of hair removal as devices that perform without the application of water or shaving cream. These shavers work quickly and are often waterproof, which makes them perfect for on-the-go and in-shower use.

Similar to manual shavers, there are two types of electric shavers: rotary and foil.

Rotary models have three or four rotating heads, shave in circular motions and are often mess-free. Foil models require a back-and-forth movement but tend to require more clean-up post-shave.

Electric shavers are also often accompanied by attachments that enhance performance and offer the same results as trimmers. This is ideal for men who love both their beard and a clean shave.

For example, Groomie’s BaldiePro specializes in effortlessly achieving a silky smooth surface but is also equipped with several additional attachments, including:

  • Precision clipper
  • 3-5-7mm clipper guards
  • Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer
  • Exfoliation brush
  • Pre-shave massager

With an electric shaver like the BaldiePro, you’ll have access to the best qualities of both a shaver and trimmer.

Pros and Cons

Here’s the breakdown for pros and cons of electric shavers to help you choose your best razor:

  • Ideal for clean, close shave
  • Available in electric and manual options
  • Shaves both wet and dry
  • Functions well with thick, long hair
  • Varying head attachments
  • Quickly delivers results
  • May cause scratches or itching
  • Limited models available
  • Designed specifically for facial and head hair

Trimmer or Shaver?

Now that you know the difference between the two, you’re almost ready to determine whether your ideal tool is a trimmer or shaver.

Trimmers are for…

Maintaining a specific look requires regular and precise trimming. Trimmers are ideal for men who are willing to spend a little extra time perfecting their beard and mustache for a detailed finish.

If you plan on keeping your facial hair tamed yet prominent, trimmers are the best option. This tool will provide the versatility needed to adjust the length of your hair without saying goodbye to your beard.

Shavers are for…

Electric shavers excel in keeping your skin as smooth as possible while leaving it free of nicks and cuts. By routinely replacing your razor blade, you’ll effortlessly achieve a very close shave.

Electric shavers also provide the convenience needed to shave large areas quickly while still achieving a smooth finish. If you’re in the bald business, an electric shaver is the best way to achieve a clean look.

Boost Your Confidence Today

Regardless of whether your ideal device is a trimmer or shaver, understanding the difference is the first step to upgrading your look.

Now that you’re one step closer to boosting your confidence, there’s only one thing left to do.

Visit groomie.club today for all of the tips, tricks and tools you need to be a well-groomed man!

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