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The Ultimate Guide to Grooming for Busy Men

The Ultimate Guide to Grooming for Busy Men

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the idea of grooming for men, especially when you’re short on time.

With so many tips, tricks, tools and night serums, a well-kept appearance can seem like too much effort for a busy schedule.

Running a tight ship doesn’t have to cost you your good looks. Here’s how to maximize your grooming routine while minimizing the steps.

Quick Takeaways

  • The men’s grooming business is expected to grow to more than $29 billion by 2024
  • Only 39% of men partake in grooming and self-care routines despite the direct relation to mental and physical well-being
  • Steps for skincare, scent, haircuts and beard trimming can be kept short and sweet and still result in an extreme confidence boost

With growing competition and increased pressure in the grooming industry, looking your best is more important than ever. Learn how to do it with minimal effort!

The Importance of Grooming

Grooming for men dates back to millions of years ago when cavemen used hinged shells to pluck unwelcomed whiskers from their faces. Today, men’s grooming is expected to grow to more than $29 billion by 2024.

Simply put, this means that a single bar of soap isn’t going to cut it anymore. But you don’t necessarily need an alpha lipoic acid night serum to take care of your appearance and hygiene either.

Whether it’s skincare, scent, haircuts or beard trimming, it’s easy to make a great first impression with a short and sweet grooming routine – and there’s many benefits to doing so.

Look Better

A groomed appearance is most appealing to the eye and is important for making great first impressions. Not only that, but only 39% of men partake in grooming and self-care routines. That means you’ll look better than 61% of the male population!

As a well-groomed man, you’re more likely to be remembered and held in high regard when meeting new people. This puts you in a position to achieve success.

Feel Cleaner

Dead skin cells and sweat are notorious for building up in hair and crevices of the body, ultimately creating unwanted odor.

Trimming your hair and washing your body regularly means feeling cleaner and smelling better. Not only will you enjoy the refreshing feeling of being clean, but those around you will thank you!

Boost Your Confidence

Well-groomed men feel extra confident about themselves and are better able to recognize their full potential. When you look your best, you feel your best!

Confidence is often key to successful jobs and relationships and helps men perform well in all walks of life.

Steps to Success

Although trimming nose hair and clipping your nails are key components of looking your best, you don’t need to groom them everyday. Here’s the fastest breakdown of steps to success when it comes to daily grooming for the busy man.

Into the Shower

You guessed it! Being well-groomed means showering every day – but it doesn’t have to be an ordeal.

When you’re short on time, we give you permission to use a combo shampoo-and-conditioner.

It’s not going to work wonders like shampoo and conditioner sold separately might, but if you’re looking for a fast alternative, Jack Black’s Double-Header Shampoo + Conditioner is your best bet.

While you're at it, it’s a good idea to use some natural soap free of harsh ingredients. Native Body Wash’s formula is free of sulfates and froths up like a dream.


Although exfoliants, vitamin c and hyaluronic acid serums are encouraged, when you’re in a hurry, there’s only two things you really need for skincare: face cleanser and moisturizer.

Although, Ursa Major’s 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic is formulated to cleanse, exfoliate, heal and hydrate! Yes, this is the total package.

When it comes to moisturizer, look for one that has SPF. This way, you’ll never forget to apply sunscreen. In this case, you can’t go wrong with Clinique’s Broad Spectrum SPF 21 Moisturizer.

Smell Great

Now that you’re squeaky clean from head to toe, you’ll want to keep it that way. To stay smelling fresh throughout your day, you’ll need a natural deodorant that works and some cologne if you’re feeling adventurous.

Groomie’s Natural Deodorant features antimicrobial coconut oil, skin protecting shea butter, nourishing beeswax and an anti-inflammatory marjoram-lemongrass blend. That’s everything you could ever want and more in a deodorant!

When it comes to cologne, things get a little more personal. While we won’t tell you what scent to wear, we will give you some pointers for choosing one that’s true to you:

  1. Don’t skimp on quality
  2. Choose something uncommon

People will remember you by the way you smell, so choosing a unique cologne of high quality keeps things interesting. Not only that, but giving yourself a spritz of scent before you head out only takes seconds!


Keeping up with your shave is one of the most important aspects of being a well-groomed man. Whether it’s your noggin or face, when you can tell it’s time for a shave, so can everyone else.

The best way to speed up the shaving process is to invest in a razor that can do it all. Look for a mess-free razor that can shave both wet and dry and has multiple attachments so you don’t

The BaldiePro Head Shaver is specifically designed to achieve the best shave with minimal time and effort. This device shaves wet and dry, includes several attachments and achieves a silky smooth finish in just 3 minutes.

With a shaver like the BaldiePro, you’ll minimize the number of essential grooming devices you need to look and feel your best!

Oral Care

Let’s not forget about those pearly whites! Brushing your teeth every morning and night is non-negotiable when it comes to hygiene.

Upgrading your toothbrush to something you’re excited about using can not only enhance your experience but also speed up the process.

The Philips One Toothbrush offers basic features to get the job done in minimal time at an affordable price. Bonus points if you make the time to get a floss in and rinse with mouthwash!

Hey, Good Lookin’

And just like that, these steps to grooming for men have made you a whole new man! That wasn’t so bad, was it?

Stay dedicated to looking and feeling your best and let Groomie help you along the way. For more tips, tricks and products for the well-groomed man, visit us today at visit groomie.club!

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