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Start Your Head Shaving Journey with us

Let's face it. Shaving your head is not easy without the right tools.
Developed by Baldies for Baldies, we have poured numerous
hours of testing and research to bring you the best of the best.
Our Groomie™ line of products will keep your head feeling smooth
and fresh. Join the club today!

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"No Hair, Don't Care" Bundle

103,294+ Happy Customers & Excellent Reviews
$131.97 $99.99

"No Hair, Don't Care" Bundle

103,294+ Happy Customers & Excellent Reviews
$131.97 $99.99
  • Designed in the USA
    Designed in the USA
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
    30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Warranty
    Lifetime Warranty
  • Smooth Shave
    SmoothShave™ Technology
  • 3 Minutes Done
    3 Minute Shave
  • Wet Dry Shave
    Wet & Dry Shave
  • Advanced Lithium Battery
    Advanced Lithium Battery
  • 90 Min Shave Time
    90 Min Shave Time
  • Ergonomic Design
    Ergonomic Design
  • Mess Free Shave
    MessFree™ Shave
  • IPX7 Waterproof
    IPX7 Waterproof
  • 10,000 RPM Motor
    10,000 RPM Motor
  • Easy to Clean
    Easy to Clean
  • Travel Lock
    Travel Lock
  • Smart LED Display
    Smart LED Display

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Stop Using Razors

BaldiePro™ Vs. Razors

Blades Last 60

Our SmoothShave
Blade System will last up
to 60 shaves before
needing to be

No Ingrown

Razors cut below the skin
line causing bumps. Our
blades cut right at the


Ability to shave your head
without shaving cream or
other products, unlike


The BaldiePro is easy to
hold and use giving you
an effortless smooth
shave every time.

Over 103,294+ Happy Customers & Reviews

Our Customer reviews

why Should you Shave your Head?

Save Money
Save Money

No more expensive hair products, trips to the barber, or hair loss treatments.

New Style
New Style

Change is good. Sporting a new look could put the pep back in your step.

Look Younger
Look Younger

No more thin or white hairs. Shaving your head makes you look younger!

Boost Confidence
Boost Confidence

Embracing baldness will allow you to thrive in your career and personal life.


Of Men experience hair loss by age 35


Of people believe good grooming hygiene is vital to personal and professional success


Of baldies are beautiful to us!


“I personally struggled with being self-conscious about my thinning hair for years. Groomie was born to solve just that. Stop feeling down and embrace your baldness!”

owner profile
Anant H.

Founder & CEO Groomie

Still On The Fence?

  • The Groomie™ Head Shaver brand was born after our founder struggled with thinning hair for many years. Instead of using expensive hair loss treatments or spending too much at the salon/barbershop, we encourage our Groomie family to embrace their baldness! After speaking with several other bald men & women, we set out to develop and design the best head shaver for baldies.

    Designed in Chicago, our skull shaver features SmoothShave™ and MessFree™ technology to help give you a baby smooth head shave. Our blade system captures all of the mess and is waterproof, so you can shave wet or dry. Head shaving and grooming can be a challenging and a painful process if you don’t have the best head shaving tools available. Groomie solves that problem and guarantees a close, smooth, and crisp shave with our state of the art BaldiePro men’s head shaver and bald head razor.

  • The Groomie™ Club is a great way to start your head shaving journey. We offer a flexible blade replenishment plan that allows you to receive a blade refill every 30, 45 or 60 days. Never run out of blades for your Groomie™ BaldiePro bald head razor. Shaving your head should be effortless, so you can focus on more important things. The Groomie BaldiePro is the best head shaver around!
  • YES, you sure can! There is no requirement to join the Groomie Club right away. We offer it as an effortless option, and give you an additional 15% off your purchase for becoming a loyal member. Regardless if you join our head shaver club or not, become a part of our Groomie community and an exclusive owner of the best bald head shaver in the industry!

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The BaldiePro™ Head Shaver is a Game Changer

The BaldiePro™ Head Shaver is a Game Changer.