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"Great Bambeeno" Bundle

253,984+ Happy Customers & Excellent Reviews
$275.90 $179.99
Get the fastest and smoothest shave of your life! In just a few minutes, you can shave your head or face without bumps, cuts or pesky razor burn. Perfect for on the go or daily use. Our SmoothShave™ Technology allows you to shave comfortably on any skin type, whether you have coarse, curly or thin hair.

"Great Bambeeno" Bundle

253,984+ Happy Customers & Excellent Reviews
$275.90 $179.99
Get the fastest and smoothest shave of your life! In just a few minutes, you can shave your head or face without bumps, cuts or pesky razor burn. Perfect for on the go or daily use. Our SmoothShave™ Technology allows you to shave comfortably on any skin type, whether you have coarse, curly or thin hair.
  • Designed in the USA
    Designed in the USA
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
    60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Warranty
    Lifetime Warranty
  • Smooth Shave
    SmoothShave™ Technology
  • 3 Minutes Done
    3 Minute Shave
  • Wet Dry Shave
    Wet & Dry Shave
  • Advanced Lithium Battery
    Advanced Lithium Battery
  • 90 Min Shave Time
    90 Min Shave Time
  • Ergonomic Design
    Ergonomic Design
  • Mess Free Shave
    MessFree™ Shave
  • IPX7 Waterproof
    IPX7 Waterproof
  • 10,000 RPM Motor
    10,000 RPM Motor
  • Easy to Clean
    Easy to Clean
  • Travel Lock
    Travel Lock
  • Smart LED Display
    Smart LED Display

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What’s In This Bundle?

BaldiePro™ Head Shaver
SmoothShave™ Blade 2.0 New
Accessory Adapter
Exfoliation Brush
Pre-Shave Massager
3-5-7mm Clipper Guards
Precision Clipper
Nose & Ear Trimmer
USB-Charging Cable
Travel Case
Natural Deodorant
Natural Pre-Shave Oil
Natural Aftershave
Zero-Shine Sheets
Natural Shave Gel
Face & Scalp Aloe Serum
Charging Dock
User Manual
Stop Using Razors

BaldiePro™ Vs. Razors

Blades Last 60

Our SmoothShave
Blade System will last up
to 60 shaves before
needing to be

No Ingrown

Razors cut below the skin
line causing bumps. Our
blades cut right at the


Ability to shave your head
without shaving cream or
other products, unlike


The BaldiePro is easy to
hold and use giving you
an effortless smooth
shave every time.

Over 253,984+ Happy Customers & Reviews

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Customer Reviews
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United States United States

Magical - Amazing - Mess-Free - Perfection!

I kept seeing ads for this shaver on my social media for weeks and with my husbands birthday coming up- I decided to purchase and see what the hype was all about. Typically it takes him at least an hour to shave his head but with this shaver it took just a few minutes! Magical - Amazing - Mess-Free - Perfection! No nicks..No Cuts.....Just a gentle, smooth and fast shave.

Jim J.
United States United States

Everything a baldie could ever want

The title explains it all - the greatest of all times! If you like a clean shaved head then this is for you. Honestly, I couldn't believe how much was included with this and was in shock with how well it shaved. This company certainly knows what baldies want and need.

United States United States

The Best Shaver I've Ever Used!

WOW! This has to be one the best shavers i've ever used. It's very easy to use and shaves super close with some tips from their team. I also like that this bundle comes with everything and anything you would need for the most epic head shave. I used to struggle with irritation but after following their tips and applying these other steps (prepping the scalp, finishing with aftershave, changing my blade every 6 weeks) to my routine i've been irritation free. It's really a great feeling to have a process that works with a company that actually cares. I'm going to paste the instructions below so others can benefit from the tips they shared with me on social. See below. "Here are a few tips to achieve a closer shave with your BaldiePro 🖤 First, we always recommend prepping the scalp with a pre-shave oil, shave gel or both. Then when it comes to shaving make sure to apply decent pressure as our 5D flexible blades contour to your head to prevent nicks and cuts. That's a common mistake if you're a traditional blade user. It's also best to shave in a circular motion and if you're prone to irritation apply aftershave to clear those pores! We hope these tips help and if you have any other questions let us know."

Groomie Club Great Bambeeno Bundle Review
Randall F.
United States United States


I love mine

play video
play video

See How Easy
Head Shaving Can Be!

Get a baby smooth shave with our next-generation electric shaver! Our advanced blade design features SmoothShave™ technology and allows you to shave your head in under 3 minutes.

Over 253,984+ Happy Customers & Reviews

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind all of our products! That's why we offer a risk-free 60 Days money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your shaver, let us know and we'll make it right.

How it Works feat. Shaq Urie

  • Part 1

    Assembling The BaldiePro Head
  • Part 2

    Shaving Tutorial with the Baldie Pro Head Shaver
  • Part 3

    Cleaning & Maintenance of the BaldiePro Head Shaver

why Should you Shave your Head?

Save Money
Save Money

No more expensive hair products, trips to the barber, or hair loss treatments.

New Style
New Style

Change is good. Sporting a new look could put the pep back in your step.

Look Younger
Look Younger

No more thin or white hairs. Shaving your head makes you look younger!

Boost Confidence
Boost Confidence

Embracing baldness will allow you to thrive in your career and personal life.


Of Men experience hair loss by age 35


Of people believe good grooming hygiene is vital to personal and professional success


Of baldies are beautiful to us!

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Blades should be replaced at minimum every 60 days for maximum hygiene and performance. The blades will remain sharp for up to 60 shaves. Any damaged blades should be replaced right away to prevent injury.
  • Absolutely! The BaldiePro™ is most well known for its ease to shave your head, however, it is also commonly used for shaving the face, body, as well as "down unda". You won't be disappointed with its versatility!
  • We ship from our distribution center in Chicago, IL. Enjoy same day shipping for orders that are placed before 12PM CST!
  • Rotary shavers are much easier to use and handle. Since you can move in any direction, there is no perfect "strategy" to shaving your head. More blade heads means less passes over your skin, resulting in a close shave without any irritation!
  • Our SmoothShave™ blade head is primarly used to maintain a bald head shave. If your head hair is longer than 7-10 days of stubble, we recommend trimming with the hair clipper or beard trimmer first, before using your head shaver.
  • Of course! Many users prefer wet shaving with cream, butter, oils, or even in the shower. Since the shaver is waterproof, any shaving products can be used with it. We highly recommend our Pre-Shave Oil!
  • Yes, yes, yes! Both women and men sport the bald look these days. Our product is unisex, and can be used on anyone's beautiful bald dome. Women can even use the shaver on their legs, arim pits or bikini line!
Over 253,984+ Happy Customers & Reviews