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The Best Electric Head Shaver: A Love Story

The Best Electric Head Shaver: A Love Story

Can you imagine falling in love with your best friend, inventing the best electric head shaver on the market and saving the lives of bald men all over the world? Seems too good to be true, right?

For real-life superhero duo, Anant & Ashley, that’s exactly what happened. Husband, wife and co-founders of Groomie, these superhuman lovebirds have been making bald look good since they started serving the silky-smooth community in 2021.

After falling victim to a receding hairline in his early 20s, Anant searched endlessly for his saving Grace. Little did he know, his brave battle would earn him much better and he’d find his saving Ashley instead – and a head shaver that actually worked.

The married couple has spent years researching and developing a method for the cleanest, closest shave and solved problems shared by bald men since the beginning of time.

Are you ready to fall in love and be rescued by the best electric head shaver known to man? Groomie’s got you covered.

No Hair, Don’t Care

Long ago in a far away land, Anant had befallen every young man’s worst nightmare – hair loss. Anant knew that 1 in 4 males experience hair loss by the time they turn 30, but couldn’t imagine that he would be one of them.

Naturally shocked and propelled into a state of panic, Anant did what any 21 year old would do and tried everything he could to save his hair from defeat:

  • Red Light Therapy
  • Rogaine
  • Pills & Vitamins
  • Treatments

Much to his dismay, nothing seemed to work.

After time and effort lost trying to fight back against his receding hairline, Anant was exhausted and ready to surrender. Without looking back, he embraced his baldness and shaved his head down to the bone. Ironically, this marked the beginning of the rest of his life.

Love is Bald

Ashley met Anant years before their romantic relationship began and watched him struggle with hair loss throughout the course of their friendship. It was when Anant finally embraced his baldness that Ashley saw him in a new light.

In fact, Ashley saw Anant the very same night he committed to being bald and remembers this as the moment she realized they would spend the rest of their lives together. As if a superhero had removed their mask, Ashley was able to see Anant as his truest, most confident self – and ultimately, fell in love with a baldie.

Was this just a coincidence or can it be called fate? That’s up for you to decide. At Groomie, we know this love connection is one destined to inspire others, one electric head shaver at a time.

Battle of the Head Shavers

During the happy couple’s engagement, Anant’s shaving routine was taking him over 30 minutes to complete. The process was lengthy, messy and painful for everyone else involved.

Anant and Ashley knew they wanted a family and wondered how they’d find time in their schedule to shave Anant’s head once they had diapers to change. Despair began to set in and the duo continued to test every razor possible on their search for a solution.

As if prayers had been answered, Anant found a razor that shaved some time off his routine and accepted the fact that he’d have to deal with the aftermath of a hairy sink for the rest of his life. It wasn’t long before this “miracle” product was discontinued and Anant was back to square one.

At this point, Anant and Ashley started to joke about developing their own razor for bald men to end this battle once and for all.

Groomie to the Rescue!

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and before they knew it, Anant, Ashley and their daughter faced the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the world came to a halt and the couple found themselves with extra time, Ashley & Anant finally had the opportunity to bring their idea to life. The team took matters into their own hands and devised a plan to save bald men all over the world from suffering caused by shaving tools that didn’t work.

Anant and Ashley reflect on this time as a blessing in disguise. Despite the uncertainty of the pandemic, Anant and Ashley realize how fortunate they are to have been able to make the best of a scary situation. Not only did they have more time to spend with their daughter but also found a way to improve the quality of life of those struggling in their community.

Superhero Training

Battling faulty head shavers and saving baldie lives doesn’t come with ease. Luckily, Anant and Ashley started prepping for success the moment they began searching for the best head shaver. By testing every razor on the market on his own baldie head, Anant quickly learned what worked for the well-groomed man.

Soon, the duo was able to compile a list of qualities that made a razor the best it could be. At that point, Ashley and Anant had the knowledge and experience it took to design the perfect shaver for bald men.

tools that make up the best electric head shaver

In addition, Anant and Ashley were active members of the manufacturing industry learning tricks of the trade for 15 years. With pre-established relationships in the business and years of testing products, the married couple had what it took to design and develop a product that turned their dream into a reality.

On A Mission

In the eyes of Ashley and Anant, saving bald men as we know them means prioritizing natural ingredients, inclusivity and sustainability.

The duo started practicing a toxin-free lifestyle almost 10 years ago and it shows in their market offering. Did you know that your pores absorb 64% of products on your skin? That’s why Groomie’s skincare products are made of all natural ingredients and created entirely in the US, providing customers with a cleansing, holistic experience every time they shave.

all natural skincare to use for the closest shave

In addition, Ashley and Anant are eager to expand their brand’s market offering. The couple hopes that one day, Groomie will act as a wholesome destination where all people, hairless or hairy, can benefit from the empowering experience their brand has to offer.

Lastly, sustainability is held close to the duo’s hearts. Anant and Ashley realize that as parents and business owners, it’s their duty to care for future generations and initiate positive change for humanity through their business decisions. Groomie’s manufacturing and shipping processes have been perfected to minimize its environmental footprint.

For the Greater Good of Baldies

Ultimately, Anant and Ashley share their personal experiences to help their community fight a battle that’s been ongoing for decades. After years of searching for their own solution, the Groomie team wants to help the world realize that embracing your baldness doesn’t have to be a challenge.

Positive feedback shared by customers proves Groomie’s success and inspires Ashley and Anant to keep changing baldie lives for the better.

The couple’s efforts to develop the best electric head shaver make it easy to improve your quality of life. With a tool that significantly reduces the time, mess and manpower it takes to achieve the closest shave, embracing your baldness has never been easier.

Love Isn’t A Battlefield

The bottom line: you don’t have to struggle through your hair loss like those who have suffered before you. Just like Anant and Ashley, falling in love is as easy as getting your cleanest, closest shave with the best electric head shaver.

Save yourself the trouble! When you’re ready for rescue, Groomie can help uncover your confidence with the right tools to make bald look good. To reap the benefits of the best electric head shaver, join the Groomie Club and try the BaldiePro.

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