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7 Electric Head Shavers to Try Out in 2022

electric head shaver

If you’ve ever attempted a clean shave on your noggin, you know that an effective electric head shaver is critical. In fact, without one, you can kiss your silky-smooth dreams goodbye.

But if great electric head shavers are so important, why are they so hard to come by?

At Groomie, we know finding the perfect electric head shaver can be frustrating – and we’re ready to help.

Below, you’ll find 7 of the best electric head shavers worth trying out in 2022. After in-depth research, we’re confident that one of these bad boys is the answer to your prayers.

Electric Head Shavers 101

There’s an 85% chance that by the time you turn 50, you’ll start to experience significant hair loss. If you’re not there yet, you might as well get a jump start on the search for the best electric head shaver.

If you’re new here, you may be wondering how to tell if an electric head shaver has the potential to be great. The truth is that ultimately, your personal preference will determine whether or not you love a specific tool.

Wet vs. Dry Shaving

You may already know that both wet and dry shaving abilities can make or break the efficiency of your razor. If your routine needs a tool that’s versatile in performance, make sure you choose one that can shave both wet and dry.

A waterproof razor will not only maximize your device’s durability, but also minimize clean up. Shaving in the shower or rinsing off leftover shaving cream without fear can be a blessing when it comes to cleaning up post-shave.

Similarly, getting a close shave on dry skin can save you the stress that’s associated with long shaving routines. If you ever need to shave on-the-go, you’ll need a razor that can do it all.

Battery Type

When you’re looking for the best, battery type is important to consider. Electric head shavers with long-lasting power are ideal, especially if you’re the type of person who tends to forget to charge your devices.

There’s several types of batteries to consider, but the two most common varieties are alkaline and lithium. By assessing the chart below, you’ll learn that lithium batteries are often most beneficial.

Alkaline vs. Lithium Battery Characteristics

Many electric head shavers are rechargeable, but there’s a few that are powered by disposable batteries. In this case, keep in mind that getting the closest shave is going to be a lot harder if your razor dies and you’re fresh out of AA batteries.

Brand Reputation

Finding the best device for your needs starts with shopping at brands you can trust.

Not only will you have peace of mind that you’re investing in a quality tool, but reputable brands often have great warranty plans and return policies to ensure you’re satisfied.

If excellent product performance and high-quality service is your priority, the Groomie team is guaranteed to deliver.


A low-maintenance tool is non-negotiable. At Groomie, we know your time is valuable and shouldn’t be spent cleaning up after your messy head razor.

Before you sign off on your new gadget, check out the cleaning instructions, number of blades and process for removing the cover. Doing so can save you a lot of time and trouble in the future!

The Contenders

Without further ado, here’s 7 of the best electric head shavers to try out in 2022:

Groomie BaldiePro

Groomie Baldie Pro

Groomie’s BaldiePro is the ultimate electric head shaver. With a 10,000 RPM motor, advanced lithium battery and SmoothShave technology, this device achieves the closest shave in just 3 minutes.

With the ability to shave both wet and dry, this fully waterproof head and face shaver is mess-free and easy to clean, leaving you with plenty of time to feel confident with your silky smooth shave.

Remington Balder Pro Head Shaver

electric head razor

The Remington Balder Pro has 5 rotary blades and collects hair in a built-in chamber to minimize mess. Although it doesn’t come with any attachments, this device has a 50-minute runtime and 100% waterproofing for an easy in-shower shave.

Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum Pro

skull shaver pitbull platinum pro

This razor is noteworthy when it comes to design. With an ergonomic handle and blade that catches hair clippings, the Skull Shaver does a good job at preventing any major mess. This device has a runtime of 90 minutes and has 4 blades to help you achieve a close shave.

Kibiy Electric Razor

kibiy electric razor

The Kibiy Electric Razor comes with 6 blades and five grooming attachments to help achieve a silky smooth finish. This razor can handle up to 90 minutes of shaving before it’s time to recharge and is designed for both wet and dry use.

Hammacher Schlemmer Head Shaver

Hammacher Schlemmer Head Shaver

This device features five rotary blades that make moving around the contours of your head effortless. Although this option isn’t waterproof, the Hammacher Schlemmer Head Shaver is easy to grip and has an affordable price tag if you’re in the market for a close shave.

Halford Head Shaver

Halford Head Shaver

This electric head shaver is great for both bald heads and faces. The Halford head shaver can be used on both wet and dry surfaces and is easy to clean after you’ve achieved your closest shave.

Invest in the Best

You deserve an electric head shaver that not only gets the job done, but leaves you feeling like your most confident self.

When it comes to the best, Groomie is a brand you can trust. Shop now for an electric head shaver with same-day shipping that’s guaranteed to make bald look good.

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